Fun Activities and Lessons for May 26-29

Thank you for all of your hard work with your kindergarten student during the past few months.  The lessons for May 26-29 are above and will 

NOT look like anything like what you have been doing. There are LOTS of fun choices to select from throughout the week.  Once the end-of-year video is complete we will be sending that out as well.  Due to FERPA laws it will not be posted on our school website, but I will send it to Kindergarten parents. You made it! 


Thursday, May 21st – Kindergarten Lessons

Wednesday, May 20th – Kindergarten Lessons


Tuesday, May 19th – Kindergarten Lessons

Monday, May 18th – Kindergarten Lessons

  • Monday’s Library video from Mrs. Ballard’s very good friend who is also an author HERE.



Thursday, May 14th – Kindergarten Lessons

Wednesday, May 13th – Kindergarten Lessons

Tuesday, May 12th – Kindergarten Lessons


Monday, May 11th – Kindergarten Lessons


The kindergarten lessons for the week of May 4-8 are linked below.  We will be adding the specials lessons throughout the week.  

Thursday, May 7th – Kindergarten Lesson


Wednesday, May 6th – Kindergarten Lessons


Tuesday, May 5th – Kindergarten Lessons

  • Tuesday’s PE Lesson with Coach Meyers & Coach Kai


Monday, May 4th – Kindergarten Lessons



Thursday, April 30th – Kindergarten Lessons


Wednesday, April 29th – Kindergarten Lessons


Tuesday, April 28th – Kindergarten Lessons

Monday, April 27th – Kindergarten Lessons 


Thursday, April 23rd – Kindergarten Lessons

  • Thursday’s lesson from Mrs. Butterfield’s music class is HERE the updated Talent Show Instructions can be found HERE.

Wednesday, April 22nd – Kindergarten Lessons

  • Today’s Special class is Computers HERE is the link to Mrs. Rideout’s lesson about the 5 senses. 

Tuesday, April 21st – Kindergarten Lessons

  • Today’s Specials class is PE. Below are the directions from coach:
    • Start with our class stretches:
      -V-leg spread (5 sec right leg, 5 sec left leg)
      -Butterflies (10 sec)
      -10 Lunges
      -Standing toe touch (10 sec)
      -Arms across your chest (10 sec each arm)
      -Washing Machine (10 times)
      -Neck stretch (5 sec one way, then switch)
      Then follow the workout instructions of this video. It’s 26 minutes, so if you need a rest break, pause the video. Enjoy! video is HERE

Monday, April 20th – Kindergarten Lessons  also, HERE is the link to Monday’s Specials Library lesson.

FUN RUN – If you are new to Longview you may not know about our fun annual tradition of a Fun Run.  Normally we all meet together in our parking lot and have some fun warm-up activities and then do a 5K run throughout the neighborhood surrounding Longview.  Because we are not able to do that this year, our chairlady, Mrs. Ballard, has created a way for us to still participate while apart. The information can all be found HERE

Friday, April 17th – No Lessons beginning today, Fridays will be for families to catch on work not completed through the week while teachers are able to do more one-on-one and small group check-ins and instruction with students. 

Thursday, April 16th – Kindergarten Lessons

Wednesday, April 15th – Kindergarten Lesson (sorry it’s late)

Tuesday, April 14th – Kindergarten Lessons

Monday, April 13th – Kindergarten Lessons


Thursday, April 9th – Kindergarten Lessons

Wednesday, April 8th – Kindergarten Lessons

Tuesday, April 7th – Kindergarten Lesson

Monday, April 6th – Kindergarten Lessons