Smart Smiles Dental Services, a non-profit provider of mobile dentistry in Utah, has launched its onsite dentistry program for students in Murray City School District (MCSD). This program provides dental services to students with insurance, without insurance, and/or medicaid. The program rotates between different schools in the district based on demand and need each month.

Families who register their student(s) will receive basic dental cleanings by licensed dental hygienists in 30-minute appointments while at school. This includes sealants, fluoride, and x-rays. Screening reports will be sent to a practicing dentist (Dr. Tanner Clarkwho will review the results and can provide restorative treatment if needed.

MCSD K-12 Family Support Advocate and program coordinator Belkis Villa says this is an important opportunity for students. “Some of our students lack access to care, even basic dental care, and this allows them to conveniently receive that in a setting that might be less intimidating for them than a traditional dental office.”

Scientific evidence is very strong that one of the biggest impacts on student success is a lack of dental care. Simply put, early checkups help prevent cavities and tooth decay, which can lead to pain, trouble concentrating, missed school, and a host of other medical issues that can follow them for the rest of their lives. Further, students who experience dental phobia or anxiety will find the service easier when performed in a school setting.

It’s important to note that Smart Smiles follows the same legal and CDC guidelines as a traditional medical office, including infection control protocols, OSHA mandates, and HIPPA laws, including strict COVID-19 procedures.

For more information or to complete the application, reach out to Belkis at 801-264-7434, extension 5811 or you can email her at You may also contact your school’s social worker.