MCSD is rolling out a new payment system called RevTrak TODAY. This will replace Pay Schools for all ancillary payments. This includes:

  • Food Service
  • Non-Resident Application Fees
  • Community Ed
  • Elementary Music
  • Chromebook Insurance
  • ECEC Tuition

This new system solves many reporting data entry complications for MCSD while also offering a simpler interface, easier multi-child/fee payment capability, and smaller processing fees for parents. Truly a win-win!

As mentioned, the RevTrak interface is simpler to navigate. Here’s the address where it is located – you can also find it linked at the top of the District website and other places (such as individual school websites):

Here’s How to Pay: 

  • Create an account at
  • Once logged in to your account, you can begin purchasing different items:
    1. For student meals, you will be prompted to enter your student’s name and five-digit student ID number (you can locate this in Aspire).
    2. For other payments, you will be directed as to what you need to provide.
  • Once you have added all the items you need to pay for in the shopping cart, you can click the Checkout button, enter your payment information, and complete the process.

Please Note: 

  • Accepted payment methods are: echeck, debit, and credit – this information is saved into your account for easier recall;
  • If you are paying for student meals, your student’s information will also be saved in the account for easier recall;
  • There is a processing fee of 3.62%, but that is smaller than the 4.95% paid through the previous system (Pay School); and
  • Parents can opt to pay in alternative (manual) ways the same as they currently do.

If you have questions about a payment RevTrak displays a list of contacts for each item in the store under the Resources tab. There is also an FAQ sheet to help. You can also go here to see a downloadable tutorial.