Longview Elementary School
Longview Elementary
6240 S Longview Drive
Murray, UT 84107
Fax 801-264-7452

Principal Rebecca Te'oAbout LONGVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL …


  • School schedule – Full-Day Kindergarten & 1st-6th Grade                                                                                Monday – Friday 8:40 AM – 3:15 PM; Wednesday early release @ 1:15 PM
  • AM Kindergarten 8:40 AM-11:40 PM; Wednesday 8:40 AM – 10:40 AM


  • Enrollment – Longview Elementary is K-6 and serves approximately 400 students
  • School promotion – depending upon address, students promoted from Longview may attend either Hillcrest Junior High or Riverview Junior High; and then Murray High School
  • Mascot – Longview Lions
  • School Colors: Red, Gold & White
  • Built: 1962

In the event that there is justification for an emergency school closure because of weather conditions, safety concerns, heating problems, power outage, etc. , tune into the media and listen for decisions regarding the status of the school or district. You may also call the Murray School District Offices at 801-264-7400 for the latest information regarding school closure.

If the weather conditions appear to be developing by the 6:00 AM decision time-frame, the superintendent or designee may delay the start of school for 2 hours. At that point, the following schedule restrictions would be put into place:

  • School would start at 10:40 AM
  • Bus stop times would be delayed for 2 hours from the regular pick-up time.
  • The breakfast program would be unavailable for the day.
  • Field trips scheduled for the day will be cancelled.
  • Kindergarten will be held in two sessions.

NOTE: If the weather or conditions are deemed too severe to attend in person, the superintendent or designee may deem it an Online Learning day.  If such is the case, online lessons for students will be available by 10:35 AM.  Students are required to complete the online work within 24 hrs. in order to be considered in attendance for the Online Learning day.